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  Calling All Teens!
Date posted: Wed, Sep 21st, 2016

Watch Father Phil's message to the teens.

   News Record Number: 242

Date posted: Tue, Sep 6th, 2016

Find out what is happening this year at CHS!

   News Record Number: 240

Holy+Formed: Hospitality
Date posted: Wed, Sep 7th, 2016

Plans for September and onward.

   News Record Number: 241

Filling the Red Wagon - September
Date posted: Sat, Oct 10th, 2015
   News Record Number: 196

Jane Self Burnham Memorial Music Scholars Program
Date posted: Sun, Apr 3rd, 2016

50th Anniversary Performances Announced

   News Record Number: 197

"I Am... Holy Spirit" - A Video Introduction
Date posted: Mon, Oct 27th, 2014

Please share this!  Our Door Is Always Open

   News Record Number: 144

The September 2016 Edition of The Trumpeter Now Online
Date posted: Thu, Jun 9th, 2016

News of the 50th anniversary celebration, Holy+Formed modules, gearing up for a new season. And more...  Check it out!

   News Record Number: 199

Diocese of NJ Youth Events
Date posted: Sat, Jul 2nd, 2016

The 2016-2017 schedule is here!

   News Record Number: 231

"Find What Is Real" - A Short Introduction to Church of the Holy Spirit
Date posted: Tue, Sep 16th, 2014

Please share this! Our Door Is Always Open

   News Record Number: 138

The Diocese of New Jersey Newsletter
Date posted: Fri, Sep 19th, 2014
   News Record Number: 139

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